Fall Guys Hack

#1 Kudos and Crowns Free Codes

fall guys hack

Fall Guys Hack is amazing now that the game is hot. All the players are able to get Kudos and Crowns. The most important part is that is safe 100% and you have anti-ban protection.

Some steps to take in consideration is to access our website and the button i will leave below here. Fall Guys Tool will escape you from spending any cent and get kudos for nothing. Most of Fall Guys best players say that skins are the most fun part in game. So that’s the reason why we want to make sure you will enjoy it.

Fall Guys Playing and Codes

So what would be the best use of you taking this codes and hack in Fall Guys. The best thing is that you will look funky and you will be able to get more skins. There is no better satisfaction just to look more better than the other player, right ? So let me show you an example of a player that used our thing.


So as you can see this player had 0 kudos and now he has around 23.000. He used our thing once and he is super happy, he will get his first skins.

How to do it :

It is very simple, what you will have to do is :

  1. Enter on our generator right here : http://fallguystricks.com/fallguys
  2. Enter your username and platform on which phone you accessing the website.
  3. Select Kudos and Crowns amount
  4. Complete a human verify
  5. Enjoy the Kudos and buy the best skins you can put your hands on!

We would be really happy if you can share your progress and everything with your friends. Tell them about our website and make sure they are coming to use it too. So you can have an amazing experience. Also don’t forget to use it anytime you would like more Kudos and Crowns. If something is not right check our Contact Us page.